BIIF Belgian Insect Industry Federation



  1. Unite all actors working in Belgium on the breeding and/or use for commercial purposes of insects and other arthropods.


  1. Exchange and spread the knowledge regarding of insects and other arthropods, more specifically about their breeding and different commercial applications, to the general public, public authorities, the academic world and at a corporate level.


  1. To promote Research & Development regarding the breeding and commercial use of insects and other arthropods, or parts/extracts thereof:
    • As human foodstuff or as ingredient in human food
  • As livestock feed or feed ingredient
  • As a part of a service, such as waste management or treatment, in pollination or distribution of Plant Growth Regulators, or in Integrated Pest Management.
  • As a raw material for chemical, industrial, cosmetical or pharmaceutical apllications (for example through the extraction or isolation of proteins, fats, chitin, enzymes and/or other substances and molecules
    1. Consultations with the authorities on a regional, national and supranational level to ensure that current and new legislation takes into account the different commercial applications of insects and other arthropods.


    1. Legal questions at EU level
      • Insects as “Novel food”?
  • Insects as “farm animals”
  • “Slaughtering” of insects?
  • Insect protein as “processed animal protein”?
  • Insects outside of food chain as “waste management”?
  • Which sidestreams allowed to insects?


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